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Clackamas Scar Tissue Solutions

By Dr. Kim Jameson

At EmPOWERed Health, we offer a number of solutions to help our patients with their injuries including scar tissue removal with Rapid Release Technology.

Just listen to what our patients are saying:

“About 30 years ago I was tromped by a steel-shod horse while I was lying unconscious on concrete. Unsurprisingly, it scarred badly, leaving a long divot in my thigh that was about an inch or so deep — it was large enough it could be easily felt through jeans. It was one of those things I thought I just had to live with. Last year I started going to Dr. Kim Jameson for my feet and calves, and at one point she noticed my thigh and asked why I didn’t get that fixed — I had no idea she could do that. Now, only 5 or 6 sessions later, the scar tissue in my thigh has been broken up and smoothed out so much you *can’t even see* the difference any more! I had no idea this could even be done at all — I am *thrilled* with Dr. Kim’s work, and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Collie Collier

“Both my daughter and I have seen Dr. Kim as patients many times. My daughter is an athlete and Dr. Kim’s in depth knowledge serves her well in knowing what to treat and how. She is a great teacher, so you know what’s going on with your body and why. Plus, she is THE PRO when it comes to soft tissue adjustment (Active Release Therapy). Here’s something that blew me away though: Kim said that my daughter had one leg shorter than the other (not physically, but positionally). I thought to myself that “every chiropractor says that”.

Here’s the key part, I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES THAT HER LEG WAS A GOOD INCH LONGER THAN THE OTHER AND AFTER THE ADJUSTMENT – IT WASN’T!!! That’s not all though, Dr. Kim took the time to explain in detail WHY her leg was that way so now I understand how that sort of thing happens and exactly why adjustments work. As a result of what my daughter learned by simply going to see Dr. Kim, she now wants to become a chiropractor and specialize in ART! Maybe in another 6-8 years Dr. Kim will take her on as an apprentice !(hint-hint)!”

Patti Glick

“I went to Dr. Kim for a chronic shoulder pain. Just after six sessions with her “active release technique”, my shoulder was pain free! Kim is certainly knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her chiropractic services. She’s high energy and certainly you will walk away knowing she has given you her best.”

Carol Satterlee

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