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Reviews for EmPOWERed Health

What Our Clackamas Patients Say

At EmPOWERed Health we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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From Pain to Marathon

Perk gets her Life Back!

Car Accident Pains Resolved in Record Time / No time lost from Work!



Oliva was is in a pretty bad car accident that left her with neck pain, headaches, radiating arm pain, low back pain, leg pain and knee problems that she didn’t have before the injury.

“English is not my first language but Dr. Kim took the time to make sure I understood everything and even spoke some Spanish to explain things to me. She made each visit fun and happy for me. Before I saw her, I was worried that I could not work anymore because my job is very hard on my body. I work at a hotel and spend lots of hours on my feet, carrying trays with heavy plates and food, bending and cleaning. My car accident pain was making my work very hard and I was afraid to lose my job. But Dr. Kim got me well really fast and I did not lose my job. She even corrected the foot and knee problems that happened from the accident and got me orthotics in my shoes to make sure I can keep working for a long time. Muchas Gracias, Doctora Kim!”

Oliva Martinez lost no time from work and was able to get well fast and now feels as good as new.



Carol Satterlee – Shoulder Pain/ Rotator Cuff Problems

I went to Dr. Kim for a chronic shoulder pain. Just after six sessions with her “active release technique”, my shoulder was pain free! Kim is certainly knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her chiropractic services. She’s high energy and certainly you will walk away knowing she has given you her best.

Cindy – Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Tendinitis in Her Shoulders

She suffered for a year and a half with no relief. Just watch her testimonial video. You don’t have to suffer. There’s a reason our motto is “From Pain to POWER in Record Time.” Come by and see why.

Patti Glick – Athletic Performance / How Chiropractic Works

Patti Glick

Patti Glick

“Both my daughter and I have seen Dr. Kim as patients many times. My daughter is an athlete and Dr. Kim’s in depth knowledge serves her well in knowing what to treat and how. She is a great teacher, so you know what’s going on with your body and why. Plus, she is THE PRO when it comes to soft tissue adjustment (Active Release Therapy). Here’s something that blew me away though: Kim said that my daughter had one leg shorter than the other (not physically, but positionally). I thought to myself that “every chiropractor says that”. Here’s the key part, I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES THAT HER LEG WAS A GOOD INCH LONGER THAN THE OTHER AND AFTER THE ADJUSTMENT – IT WASN’T!!! That’s not all though, Dr. Kim took the time to explain in detail WHY her leg was that way so now I understand how that sort of thing happens and exactly why adjustments work. As a result of what my daughter learned by simply going to see Dr. Kim, she now wants to become a chiropractor and specialize in ART! Maybe in another 6-8 years Dr. Kim will take her on as an apprentice !(hint-hint)!”

Patti Glick, PresidentHand-to-Hand Contact

You better believe I will Patti. Tell Steph to keep setting those long-jump records!- Dr. Kim~

Chronic Foot, Calf and Leg Pain / Gets a Second Opinion from Dr. Kim

Julie Scopazzi

Julie Scopazzi

Julie Scopazzi Julie had gone “everywhere” and done “everything” she thought to resolve her foot and calf pain. She didn’t want to give up her hiking and her charitable work (or her ~200 pairs of fashion pumps) like previous doctors told her to do. Then she saw Dr. Kim.

“Wow, if it wasn’t for Dr. Kim I never would’ve been able to finish the Avon 40-mile walk, climb Cloud’s Rest or Upper Yosemite Falls, or hike more than a mile without pain. Dr. Kim was able to bust through 30 years of scar tissue in my shins and calves – something a dozen doctors were never able to do. Using Active Release Technique she was able to dramatically shorten my recovery time between hikes and keep me on the hiking trail. The first year I did the Avon Walk (before I met Dr. Kim) it took me two months to heal. The third year I was hiking Upper Yosemite Falls the weekend after completing the walk. Now THAT is progress! Don’t let scar tissue or bad advice from previous doctors keep you from doing the things you love. See Dr. Kim and have her give you a second opinion. She will take you from pain to power in record time!”

Julie Scopazzi, PresidentStrategic Marketing Service

Emir – Chronic, Daily Headaches



Emir has been a carpenter for almost 20 years. And he had chronic, daily headaches for the last 8 years when he came to see me. Can you imagine having to bang a hammer for hours while your head pain is banging too?

I analyzed his condition and found that all his problems where actually coming from his neck (as is true in 90% of headaches cases). After correcting the stuck joints in his neck and removing the scar tissue that had built up for the last several years, we were able to get him complete relief. And he just doesn’t have headaches anymore.

“I suffered with daily headaches for over 8 years. After only 6 visits with Dr. Kim – I had no more headaches. What a relief!

Cara Schwartz CMT – Massage Therapist able to Walk and Stand again without PAIN



“Dr Kim Jameson is the sole reason that I am able to participate in the 3 Day Walk for breast cancer. I began seeing Dr Kim after consulting with my podiatrist regarding a 1/2 in bone spur on my heal. At the time my foot was in so much pain I had to walk on the ball of my foot and since I work on my feet all day that was a difficult task. Dr Kim and her amazing skills were able to break up the bone spur and completely remove all pain in my foot. The pain is still gone and this year I will complete my 3rd walk for breast cancer. Dr. Kim is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever used. I would highly recommend her. She uses ART to break up any scar tissue so that you heal completely. If you have the opportunity to work with her – take it. She is the best.”

Cara Schwartz, President and OwnerSpirit of Health

‘Collie’ Collier – 30 Year old Injury – Completely Resolved in 6 Treatments



Collie Collier had a horse injury that left a large, horse-shoe shaped, divot that measured about 5 inches long and was an inch deep into her thigh muscle (quads) where the muscle had been crushed and did not heal correctly, until she saw Dr. Kim for a completely different problem.

“About 30 years ago I was tromped by a steel-shod horse while I was lying unconscious on concrete. Unsurprisingly, it scarred badly, leaving a long divot in my thigh that was about an inch or so deep — it was large enough it could be easily felt through jeans. It was one of those things I thought I just had to live with. Three years ago, I started going to Dr. Kim Jameson for my feet and calves, and at one point she noticed my thigh and asked why I didn’t get that fixed — I had no idea she could do that. Now, only 5 or 6 sessions later, the scar tissue in my thigh has been broken up and smoothed out so much you *can’t even see* the difference any more! I had no idea this could even be done at all — I am *thrilled* with Dr. Kim’s work, and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Collie CollierGeneral Manger, Robert Collier ProductionsOwner, Laughing Collie Productions

Professional Women’s Football Player keeps Game Ready, Aligned and out of Pain with ART and Full-body Chiropractic

Staci Patterson

Staci Patterson

Staci Patterson is a professional, full-contact women’s football player for the Portland Shockwave. She might not be one of the biggest players on the team (pictured here with Dr. Kim after a drizzly game in Vancouver, WA) but she is one of the fastest.

She began her football career just last year after seeing Dr. Kim and getting all her “normal” aches and pains resolved, including a chronic knee injury that is not a problem anymore.

“This is something she really wanted to do but she was concerned about her age and whether we could keep her off the injured list.” says Dr. Kim “So far, we’ve been able to fix whatever the practices and hard-hitting football games throw at us. She’s got great spirit. And far as her age, I asked her – well if not now – when? You are only going to get older, so I say go for it. I’ll do my best to be your safety net. And she has! When the body is fully aligned and scar tissue free, you can perform like you are much younger.” Dr. Kim~

“I play professional women’s full contact football for the Portland Shockwave. I don’t know what I would do without her unique Chiropractic and ART treatments. She keeps me playing and there is always a dramatic difference in how I feel with every visit. Thanks, Dr. Kim”

Staci Patterson, #42

Brent – Bad limp



Brent is a long haul trucker and is often on the road for weeks at a time. “I had a bad limp for about 4 months, until I had a stop over in Portland and I saw Dr. Kim!”

I analyzed his feet with our digital foot scanner and found that his arches were severely compressed and when he walked, his feet threw him out of alignment and made his pelvis go crooked and the joints would stick that way.

His job caused him to sit on that crooked pelvis for hours and hours, which just made things worse.

Without the ability to get adjusted once every 2 to 4 weeks because he was on the road, his pelvis was getting more and more stuck, causing low back pain, hip pain, and a pretty bad limp that was starting to effect his knees, too. His spine was starting to age prematurely from being stuck for so long.

Clearly he needed Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers – they look like orthotics that you put in your shoes but they actually do a lot more that just correct the feet. They correct the entire kinetic chain from the feet all the way up the leg to the hips, pelvis, low back, and in some cases all the way to the neck. Now, he won’t need to get adjusted as much and still be able to stay aligned and get rid of that limp.

“I don’t limp anymore, thanks to the adjustments and those comfortable inserts Dr. Kim put in my shoes. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to work without pain. Thanks Dr Kim for keeping me ‘Trucking’.”

Brent H, Long haul trucker for 9 years

Karen – Completed a full pregnancy with no back pain!



“I just thought being pregnant meant I would always have back pain during the pregnancy. With my first child, I was in pain from the second trimester on. But that was before I met Dr. Kim.

I used to be an athlete and wanted to feel good again. So, I saw Dr. Kim, she got me pain-free and I was back out on the training road when I got pregnant. Dr. Kim kept me tuned up and ready for anything. As I got bigger and bigger, I still had no back pain! Amazing! She was able to remove the scar tissue in my back, and arms from my first pregnancy and from carrying my first child around. Now, I still am pain-free and both my children are happy that Mommy can keep up with them – so am I!”

Karen, pain-free mother of two

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