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Dr. Kim Jameson, DC, ART

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

I have a passion to make sure that others don’t suffer needlessly. Often it’s simply because they haven’t tried Chiropractic yet. I suffered for years with migraines – all of which could have been avoided had I tried Chiropractic earlier (or if I had been on some wellness care after my injury at 8 years old). See (My Chiropractic Story).

“Untreatable” or “Irreversible”?

So many patients in my practice have successfully avoided surgery (actually that’s at 100% right now). So many patients had conditions that many said were “untreatable” or “irreversible” and yet here they are symptom-free, working, and enjoying life.

Or maybe you are like many I have seen that were misdiagnosed and tried different kinds of treatment with no improvement or even a worsening of their condition?

I always say, “You can’t treat IT if you don’t know what IT is!”

So, if someone put the wrong label on your condition and you are not getting any better – you might just not be getting the right kind of treatment. (See Repetitive Motion Injuries)

What is the right treatment?

The right treatment is the kind of treatment that is specifically designed for your condition – your ACTUAL condition including the underlying causes – and gets you improvement!

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