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Unlocking the Fascial Matrix by Making Waves

By Dr. Kim Jameson, DC, ART Waves

For those of us that have integrated a fair amount of soft tissue work into our practices and for those whose main emphasis is injury rehab, there is some good news for you. Often times dealing with chronically tight tissues that are completely infiltrated with fibrosis (both intra and inter-muscular adhesions or scar tissue) is a real challenge. Those scar tissue fibers that have essentially “glued” the layers of muscles together or even created a significant knot inside the muscle belly itself – can be really tough to treat. And if that excess scar tissue just happens to be located near the motor point where the nerve infiltrates and innervates the muscle, chances are the entire area is hypersensitive to touch and more painful to treat manually.

muscle tissue illustration

As a seasoned provider, for the past 20 years, I have used any technique or therapy I could to remove the adhesions that I could feel inside and between the muscles, around nerves, and around joints and thankfully with very good success. I am so grateful that early on in my practice that I found such a beneficial help for my patients. Saving patients from having surgeries is very gratifying for all Chiropractors and something we wish more people knew we could do.  In other words, these are patients that were told that the ONLY help for them was surgery, they came to us for a second opinion and after completing the recommended protocol, their conditions have improved to the point that they were no longer surgical candidates. Most of the time they are pain free! This is what we do! Of course, this takes a lot of knowledge and effort to be able to address each particular problem for the patients but the rewards are outstanding and well worth the effort that we pour into our patients and practices.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – we can help!

Take for example a patient with carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms, basically an entrapment of the Median Nerve. As Chiropractors know, it’s important to check not only the end of the nerve where the patient feels the pain and problems like numbness and tingling in their hand and fingers but we need to also check the entire length of the nerve. Entrapment, pressure or tension on the nerve “upstream” can also contribute to the problems that the patients feel “downstream.” According to most studies, 50% of patients with Median nerve entrapments happen at the Pronator Teres, a two bellied muscle at the elbow where the Median nerve travels between the two muscle bellies. Another 25% of the time they find the Median nerve entrapped at the Carpal Tunnel Ligament itself and another 25% of the problem exists in other areas of the nerve like at the Scalene muscles in the neck. (That’s why there is a greater than 50% chance that after carpal tunnel surgery, the symptoms come back.  The true source was never addressed by the surgery at the wrist.)

There are also more uncommon areas where scar tissue can develop around the nerve within the tissues. So for the DCs trying to relieve their patients of their nerve pain – for many patients, their Chiropractor must address all the common and for the more complicated cases the uncommon areas of nerve entrapment as well. This takes several passes in the affected areas, performed by hand and within tolerance of the patient. And it requires an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy and scar tissue removal techniques of which there are hundreds. Although highly effective, for some patients this treatment can be painful and is an involved process. Not to mention the wear and tear to our bodies and to those we employ to help. Unfortunately, whether using a scraping tool or by hand, many patients simply can’t or won’t tolerate the process because it can be too uncomfortable for them. Today – there is a better way. Being able to target certain areas of fibrosis with less effort on the part of the doctor and the patient is the leading edge approach. Using a technology that can target the dense, brittle fibrosis and spare the normal muscle and other soft tissues is the ideal situation.

Unlocking the Fascial Matrix

By applying an ultra high frequency vibration (150 to 200 Hz) with very short amplitude (1-2 mm), a pressure wave is created and propagated through the tissues (like a drop of water on a still pond). When this wave hits an area of rigid scar tissue, within a few seconds to a few minutes, the scar tissue begins to break apart until this restriction is completely gone – all while sparing the normal muscle tissue, tendons, nerves, joint capsules and ligaments. The reduction of the scar tissue restores normal perfusion (blood flow) into the previously rigid area, the muscle tension relents (because oxygen is required to unlock the actin and myosin fibers) and the trigger points dissolve.

If scar tissue can be compared to a wine glass, then this technology is the opera singer who hits the exact right note (frequency) and shatters the glass (matrix). In the case of dealing with both acute and chronically injured tissues, this technology allows the Doctor or Therapist to get to the pinpoint locations of scar tissue build up even if they don’t h ave the intense training to detect these areas and with significantly less pain. The only method I have found that is capable of functioning at these exact parameters is the Pro 1 and Pro 2 by Rapid Release Technology™.


The machine is intuitive to use in that you can feel the muscular response through the machine (and by palpating the tissue with your other hand) and you can often hear the areas where the scar tissue is close to the surface as the reverberating sound made is altered and easy to hear – almost like a metal detector going off. With practice and with a good knowledge of where the nerves travel through the soft tissues, you can sleuth out the areas of nerve entrapment detecting and treating them at the same time. The patient actually feels the areas of scar tissue, especially where the nerves are involved and they can feel the muscle tension melt away as you reduce the fibrosis. Now without having painful and toxic trigger point injections, without painful cross fiber and instrument assisted scraping, you can treat stubborn trigger points, contractures, both internal repetitive motion and impact fibrosis build up, post surgical scars and many other areas that are often too cumbersome or painful to treat by hand – like the TMJ, plantar fasciitis, lumbar and cervical nerve roots, axillary entrapments of the brachial plexus and frozen shoulder, inguinal ligaments, even the temporalis muscles and the scalp to name a few. Several patients with painful, limited scars after knee replacements have gotten complete relief and restoration of normal tissue and range of motion after completing their treatments using this technology. With the scar tissue essentially gone, the pain is relieved and the improvements not only are long lasting. For some the function can improve with time, even without further treatment required. For those that like to say the Chiropractic care provides only temporary improvements, this flies in the face of those skeptics and actually allows the patients to continue to improve even after they have been released from care as their muscle function is restored with use.

The Fascial Matrix has been integral in the field of Chiropractic and the various ways that we have developed to deal and improve its form and function have given millions of patients amazing, long lasting results. However, being able to more easily and effectively access these fascial planes and the treat interconnected web of the body in a way that truly unlocks the restrictions in minutes is ground breaking science and could propel our profession even further ahead bridging the gap between the alternative and main stream injury rehab. The grand majority of the general public has no idea how good Chiropractors are and getting them well. With the advent of the technology to instantly break up scar tissue that is painful and restrictive will cause a flood of patients who have never tried Chiropractic before and have exhausted their options to come to you for help. And when you help them resolve issues from failed back surgeries, old knee replacements that are painful, chronic residual pain from accidents, injuries, and war wounds and be the one doctor in a thousand that takes their headaches away – well now that’s going to makes some waves in the healthcare field! And if you can do all that with less pain for them, less time under care and less wear and tear to yourselves and your staff – all the better. Now let’s go make some waves! Video-Screen

Dr. Kim Jameson, DC, ART is a 1995 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic-West and obtained her undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1986. She has integrated soft tissue therapies with her chiropractic care, mostly Active Release Techniques™ and she is a Master Credentialed Provider in ART, including Long Tract Nerve Entrapments. She is the clinic director of a multidisciplinary clinic offering Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and injury Rehab in Portland, Oregon. She authored the book. “From Pain to POWER in Record Time” where she discusses the advantages of using Chiropractic and soft tissue therapies to get patients well faster. Dr. Kim began using Rapid Release Technology™ in her practice in early 2014 and says that it has significantly improved patient recovery, reduced pain even faster than previously seen and has provided patients with relief and increased ranges of motion that can actually increase with time even without further treatment. For those skeptics that say that Chiropractic provides only temporary relief, her mission is to prove them wrong. She enjoys making waves!